5 most common causes of foot pain

Foot pain is a universal problem. Given that we use our feet every day, it isn’t a surprise when we feel pain on our feet. Although some of us may not experience it that often, there are those who get used to the pain as just another part of the day.

Knowing the common causes of your foot pain will help you avoid it in the future, or guide you towards your next best step in fixing that painful feeling. Here are some of the most common causes of foot pain.

Ingrown toenails – These occur when the edges of your nail grows into the skin of your toe.and usually happen to the big toe. It’s best not to treat these yourself as you could make things even worse. Your toe could end up even more painful and become infected. Get professional treatment with the right equipment to deal with your ingrown toenail.

Corns and Calluses – These form after repeated rubbing against a bony area of the foot or against a shoe. Corns can appear on the tops and sides of your toes as well as between your toes. Calluses form on the bottom of the foot, especially around the heels and balls of the feet. These compressed patches of dead skin cells can be hard and painful. Don’t try to cut or remove corns and calluses yourself — see a Podiatrist for care.

Blisters – Soft pockets of raised skin filled with clear fluid, blisters are often painful and can make walking difficult. You may be tempted to pick at or burst a blister but you should leave a blister intact because an open blister can become infected. Covering your blister with an adhesive bandage can help protect it while it heals.

Plantar Fasciitis – Pain in the heel that usually happens with first steps in the morning and after long periods of walking and running. In some cases there may be night heel pain, difficulty sleeping and the occasional sensitivity to cold. The main causes includes an increase in workload and activity, tight calf muscles, flat feet and poor foot function and bad footwear. A professional will help diagnose the cause as well as treat the problem properly.

Bunions – A bump on the side of the big toe, which isn’t necessarily painful but over time, can start to cause problems especially if it is aggravated by wearing tight shoes, or standing for long periods of time. Consult a Podiatrist if you’re concerned about your bunion.

If you need help with any feet issues, contact us for some professional advice. We’re here to take care of your feet.